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January, 24-26, 2014

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    The primary mission of the university is required to perform four main areas - producing graduates, conducting research, providing academic services to society, and preserving arts and cultural heritages.
The operations under those four areas of missions are so important to the country's development in both short and long term. Currently, there are both internal and external factors to challenge our education institutions that result from a globalization and an integration of ASEAN countries by the year 2015. Universities in Thailand necessarily move forward to develop their body of knowledge and produce graduates which respond to the country's development in promoting a competition capacity among business and industry sectors and civil societies in order to enhance professional skills to compete with other countries in the ASEAN region.
Nation University, as a private university recognizes the importance of those missions and its role to produce graduates with desirable attributes. A research conduct with knowledge and competent of students and faculties resulted in an intelligence transfer from practices into society to effect a strengthening of higher education for country's sustainable development.

Nation University recognizes the importance of such activities; we will organize an academic conference under the theme, "Nation University Conference 2014 on Higher Education and Development" with the scope of interest, "Local Economy Development." The conference is an open stage for a dissemination of knowledge from faculties' and students' studies, research, theses, and independent studies from Nations University and other education institutions in the country and overseas so as to share their learning, thereby strengthening a development towards the internationalization of Thailand higher education to support trading and investing segments along the immergence of ASEAN community in two years. Since Lampang will soon become the thriving logistics hub to ASEAN's member countries by the connecting route on the R2 and R3a, the flourishing center of education in the northern part will also come along, and the one-stop ceramic industry will exceed considerably. Lampang in 2020 will definitely be the major center of academic professionals to suit the name of University Town, as there are presently eight universities to support the potentiality and capability of that promising occurrence which will bring about a great mobility of scholars, researchers, new graduates, and students across the borders. Lampang will then turn to be the greatest city of trade and transportation like the past.